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The Use of Technical Media Learning

Today’s children are accustomed to technology. In addition to computers, children have access to video game systems, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Many kids are using technology in preschool classrooms. Those that are not, are at a disadvantage. In order for America to keep up with the rest of the world and reach the goal set by President Obama of having the most college graduates by 2020, technical media must be a priority in all classrooms.

One of the biggest challenges for using technical media for learning is keeping educators informed about advances in technology and teaching them how to apply these advances in their classrooms. If the United States is going to reach its goal of graduating the most college educated adults in the world, the people who educate children need to be experts in the use of modern technology.


The Use of Technical Media Learning
In many cases, students are more adept in the use of technical media than their teachers. However, while students may know how the basics of how the technology works and how to apply it to social media and gaming, they need instructors to show them how to use technology to enhance their learning. By using interactive media, teachers are able to customize the learning of each student, giving them better chances of success.

The opportunities to teach technology to students begin at the earliest stages of education. The more educators and school districts are able to incorporate technology into everyday learning, the more students will learn to use it in their everyday lives. When educators are able to use technology to teach their students to solve problems, the student are better prepared to compete in the global economy.

The goal that President Barak Obama has set is certainly attainable but it requires the dedication of educators across the county. Educators who are technical media experts are more able to excite their students and use the new technology to its fullest capabilities.

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